We have numerous powershell scripts that do tasks on our servers, some of these download files via FTP, others monitor folders and systems to see if the are up and operating.

These scripts have been running for sometime, with no failures. On installing KB2506143 patch, some of the scripts started to fail.  Here is a test harness which I have written to show the problem


$test = 'abcdef';

Write-Host $PSVersionTable.psversion " engine version";

Write-Host "variable test is $test - on its own";
Write-Host "variable test is $test : With space colon";
Write-Host "variable test is $test`: With escaped colon";
Write-Host "variable test is ${test}: With wrapped variable";
Write-Host "variable test is $test: With colon";

This is running it in PowerShell 2, a system without the KB2506143 patch installed


Here is the same script running in PowerShell3, a system with the KB2506143 patch installed


In the version 2 of PowerShell, the compiler didn't throw an error. It simply does not output the variable (which is obviously an error in itself), you can see this here.


Now with the new version PowerShell, it throws a compile error


At C:\Temp\powershell\testColon.ps1:9 char:30
+ Write-Host "variable test is $test: With colon";
+                              ~~~~~~
Variable reference is not valid. ':' was not followed by a valid variable name character. Consider using ${} to delimit the
    + CategoryInfo          : ParserError: (:) [], ParseException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvalidVariableReferenceWithDrive


The fix is simple enough, either wrap the variable in {}, put an escape character prior to the colon such as `: or you can simple put a space between the variable and the colon.




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